New England Labs Operate On Backup Power While Battered By Storms

Lab Keeps Running On Backup Power While Storms Batter New England

While storms batter New England, labs with Battery Backup Power, Inc. UPS systems continue to operate unhindered by voltage sags, spikes, and outages.

In this photo (see above), a single 15 kVA / 10.5 kW Isolated Battery Backup UPS And Power Conditioner For Sensitive Electronics fitted with a 120/208-240 Volt AC PDU (Power Distribution Unit) With 5/16" Ring Terminals provides power conditioning and transitionless backup power to the following equipment. 

 Bioquaternary Solvent Manager - UPLC 001
Biosample Manager - UPLC 001
Column Manager - UPLC 001
30cm Column - UPLC 001
PDA Detector - UPLC 001
FLR Detector - UPLC 001
Lab Computer System - UPLC 001
Bioquaternary Solvent Manager - UPLC 002
Biosample Manager - UPLC 002
Column Manager - UPLC 002
TUV Detector - UPLC 002
QDA Detector - UPLC 002
Lab Computer System - UPLC 002
FLR Detector - UPLC 002
Mass Spectrometer

Battery Backup Power, Inc. can customize its systems to meet the demands of each of its valued clients. Below are photos of this particular UPS being modified to match the requirements of this lab. 

15 KVA Battery Backup UPS With PDU Side View

15 KVA Battery Backup UPS With PDU Wiring View

15 KVA Battery Backup UPS With PDU Back View

For assistance with backup power solutions, please contact Battery Backup Power, Inc. at (855) 330-7799 or

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