User Safety


*To reduce the risk of electric shock, disconnect the UPS from the main supply before installing a computer interface signal cable. Reconnect the power cord only after signaling interconnections have been made.

*The internal energy source (the battery) cannot be de-energized by the user. The output may be energized when the unit is not connected to a main supply.

*The right way to de-energize the UPS properly in an emergency is to move the I/O switch to the OFF position and disconnect the power cord from the main supply.

*The socket-outlet shall be installed near the equipment and easily accessible.

*Attention, hazardous through electric shock. Also with disconnection of this unit the main, hazardous voltage still may be accessible through supply from battery. The battery supply should be therefore disconnected in the plus and minus pole when maintenance of service work inside the UPS is considered.

*Do not dispose of batteries in a fire, the battery may explode.

*Do not open or mutilate the battery, released electrolytes are harmful to the skin and eyes.

*A battery can present a risk of electric shock and high short circuit current.

The following precaution should be observed when working on batteries

- Remove watches, rings or other metal objects.

- Use tools with insulated handles.

Caution: Risk of electric shock - hazardous live parts inside this unit are energized from the battery supply even when the input AC power is connected.

Caution: Risk of electric shock, do not remove cover. No user serviceable parts inside, refer servicing to qualified service personnel.

Warning: To reduce the risk of fire, replace only with the same type and rating of fuse.

Warning: To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, install in temperature and humidity controlled indoor area of conductive contaminants.