Why A Cheap Battery Backup UPS May Damage Sensitive Electronics

This video (see below) gives you an easy to see visual demonstration of what happens when the power fails and your electronics are hooked up to a cheap battery backup, also known as a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) as well as what happens when hooked up to a high end Battery Backup Power, Inc. UPS.

Cheap battery backup UPS systems are in bypass mode until the power fails, so you won't actually know if they will work until utility power is removed. When cheap battery backup UPS systems do switch to backup battery power, they put out low quality power which has been proven to damage sensitive or energy efficient electronics which are designed to optimize the sine wave power coming from utility power.

Only high end, pure sine wave, double conversion battery backup UPS systems guarantee that uninterrupted utility or higher grade power is provided to the attached electronics. For a selection of high end, pure sine wave, double conversion Battery Backup Power, Inc. UPS systems, please visit https://www.backupbatterypower.com/collections/online-double-conversion

To calculate the estimated backup time you will get with different model battery backup UPS systems, please visit https://www.backupbatterypower.com/pages/ups-run-time-calculator


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