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Get help finding the right power conditioner, voltage regulator, and battery backup uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for your server, network equipment, laboratory instrument, or device. Please include the following information in your message for each device you would like power protection for:

 1. Required - Equipment/instrument/device make and model you need backup power/power conditioning for (for example: Agilent 1100 HPLC or Dell PowerEdge R520).
2. Optional - The input voltage and amperage on the electrical rating label on your device's power supply (it will say something like INPUT: 115V 1.5 amps, see below example). This is optional, we can look this up for you, but will typically add 1 business day to the response time.
Power Supply Example For UPS
3. Optional - How much backup power time you would like (for example: 30 minutes). If you don't include this, we will assume you are looking for power conditioning, voltage regulation, surge suppression, and minimal battery backup time of 8-15 minutes (covers most outages and provides time for a safe shut down). 

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Battery Backup For GCMS, LCMS, ICP, HPLC  Battery Backup For GCMS, LCMS, ICP, HPLC
Battery Backup For GCMS, LCMS, ICP, HPLC Battery Backup For GCMS, LCMS, ICP, HPLC