15 kVA Modular UPS Stabilizes Power From DTE Energy To Entire Lab

A testing laboratory in Detroit, Michigan was facing major power related issues that impacted their ability to complete queued jobs on time. The facility suffered from constant voltage drops and brief outages that randomly took their instruments offline. They had to resolve the issues on their own or face relocating to a location with more stable power. 

DTE Energy was the local electrical utility company providing power to the facility and unfortunately would not or could not resolve the issues. DTE Energy had a 1.2 out of 5 star customer rating on the Consumer Affairs website at the time of this writing (https://www.consumeraffairs.com/utilities/dte.html).

Battery Backup Power, Inc. (Costa Mesa, CA) engineers were able to review the laboratory's complete instrument list and provide a solution to the laboratory. The end solution was a single 15 kVA / 10.5 kW Isolated Battery Backup UPS And Power Conditioner For Sensitive Electronics And Laboratory Instruments which provided backup power to an electrical subpanel that then provided clean, conditioned, real-time backup power to the entire lab (via the existing wall receptacles). The system automatically conditions power in real time preventing large voltage drops from impacting the instruments and has a 0 ms transfer time to internal backup power. The no delay backup power transition paired with pure sine wave output is critical for the attached instruments to operate correctly. 

The instruments that are protected by this system are listed below. 

Equipment/Instruments On Real-Time Conditioned And Backup Power

-Agilent 7890 Series GC
-Agilent 1260 Infinity HPLC
-Agilent 1100 HPLC
-Mettler Toledo V20 KF Titrator
-Mettler Toledo DP70 Melt Point Apparatus
-Mettler Toledo Multiparameter Liquid Physics System

There have been no reported issues with the lab, instruments, or power since the system was installed. This is one of the many systems Battery Backup Power, Inc. (Costa Mesa, CA) sells routinely on a monthly basis to resolve similar issues for customers. 

For assistance with resolving power related issues at your business, data center, laboratory, medical office, or other location, please contact Battery Backup Power, Inc. at engineering@batterybackuppower.com or (855) 330-7799. Our engineering department will ask you questions relating to your building's power, the equipment you would like to resolve power related issues for, desired backup power time, and typically requests photos via text (SMS) or email before recommending a system. 

 15 kva Battery Backup UPS Protecting Entire Lab

Real Time Conditioned And Backup Power

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