How Palos Verdes School District Keeps Students Safe During Emergencies (Page 3)

Palos Verdes school district recognized that in real emergency situations, power from the utility company may or may not be a reliable source of power for the public announcement, email, and bell systems. During emergency drills, this obviously isn’t an issue, but during an actual emergency, it could be.

Palos Verdes School District 24 Hour Backup Battery System1,400 Watt Battery Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) And Power Conditioner With 2 Easy Connect External Battery Packs (BBP-2000-PSW-ONL-LCD-W2EBP)

As a precaution, backup battery systems with power conditioners and extended backup time battery packs were installed to allow the public announcement/bell systems to operate up to 24 hours without external power from the utility company. This ensures that staff and students will be properly notified of an emergency and given instructions in real time regardless of the situation outside of school grounds. This also prevents an outside perpetrator with malicious intent from crippling the school’s response system by simply cutting power or flipping a breaker.

Palos Verdes School District Public Announcement And School Bell System On Backup Power
Telecor School Intercom and Communication System

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