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This video shows wiring a 6k, 10k, 15k, or 20k Battery Backup Power UPS with output to a sub-panel instead of directly to equipment. Input in this case is 208 volts (2 hots, line to line) with output set to 240 volts (1 hot and 1 neutral, line to neutral). Input can be 208/220/230/240 volts while output can be 120/208/220/230/240 volts.

A separate commercial distribution transformer (not shown in video) is required if running backup power to a 120/240 split phase electrical panel. The commercial distribution transformer takes the 240 volt line to neutral output from the UPS and converts it to 240 volts line to line with a neutral wire for your three connections to the electrical panel (see diagram at end of page). 

The Hammond Power Solutions Fortress series commercial distribution transformer is the transformer of choice as the series has been tested and verified by Battery Backup Power, Inc. to work in this configuration. Battery Backup Power, Inc. sells complete kits that include the UPS, commercial distribution transformer, and eyelet connections for termination on the UPS. Contact us for more information. 

If running the UPS output to a purely 120 volt electrical panel or to 120 volt or 240 volt outlets directly, a separate commercial distribution transformer is not required. 

This particular Battery Backup Power UPS is paired with a manual transfer switch as per the customer. The Battery Backup Power UPS is placed in "Generator Mode" so that it will accept either grid power or generator power as the input power source.

In this setup, either grid/utility power (208 volts) or generator power provided by a Generac GP17500 portable generator (240 volts) will be the input power source for the Battery Backup Power UPS. The customer decided to use a manual transfer switch instead of an automatic transfer switch in this installation.

No matter what the input power source is, the critical loads (servers, computers, workstations, phones, and network stack) will be unaffected because they are always on real-time conditioned backup power provided by the UPS.

For more information on these types of backup power systems, please visit: https://www.backupbatterypower.com/collections/online-double-conversion

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Wiring A Battery Backup Power UPS To A Subpanel


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