Wiring A 10 kVA UPS For Portability February 24 2017, 0 Comments

To make a 10 kVA UPS portable, you can use the same type of plug/receptacle used to charge a Tesla. It is the 208-240 volt, 50 amp NEMA 14-50. Refer to the below diagram in regards to setup. This diagram uses the 10 kVA / 7 kW Isolated Battery Backup UPS And Power Conditioner For Sensitive Electronics And Laboratory Instruments (Model: BBP-10000-PSW-ONL). 

For more information or to request a kit including the 10 kVA UPS, cord, and receptacle, please contact Battery Backup Power, Inc. at (855) 330-7799 or by email at engineering@batterybackuppower.com

Wiring A 10 kVA UPS For Portability