Why Power Conditioning UPS Systems Are Needed In Labs

In the United States, there are (3) types of voltage configurations: residential/small business 120/240 volt split phase, commercial 120/208 volt 3 phase, and industrial 277/480 volt 3 phase. 

Most lab instruments require a steady 120 volts, 220 volts, or 230 volts as they are engineered and built for global use. This leads to a problem where the voltage available in buildings in the United States is different than what is required for certain lab instruments such as LCMS, GCMS, GC, ICP-MS, ICP-OES, PCR, and other mid-large sized instruments. 

This issue is compounded by fact that the longer a wire is, the greater the voltage drops unless the wire is upsized to compensate for the loss. In cases where an electric panel is on one side of the building and the wall receptacle is on the other side of the building, the voltage can drop significantly below the acceptable range for the device/instrument plugged into that receptacle causing equipment failures. 

The solution is to add a double conversion, power conditioning, voltage regulating UPS (uninterruptible power supply) to every instrument in the lab. This will correct the voltage and provide the instrument exactly what it needs to operate correctly, mitigating warranty issues, downtime, and board failures caused by incorrect or bad power.

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The diagram below demonstrates how not having a separate power conditioning UPS per instrument or only having a large facility scale UPS leads to issues due to incorrect voltage being supplied to the instrument.  

For assistance selecting the correct UPS systems for your lab, please contact engineering@batterybackuppower.com or call (855) 330-7799. You may also see our selection of power conditioning UPS systems by visiting our homepage at https://www.backupbatterypower.com and scrolling down. 

 Why A Separate UPS Is Required For Each Lab Instrument


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