Sciex QTRAP 6500+ LC-MS/MS System On Battery Backup UPS

Battery Backup Power, Inc. has been providing UPS (uninterruptible power supply) systems for lab instruments for the last decade. These systems are specifically designed to electrically protect the instrument as well as provide seamless backup power to the instrument when the utility company fails to provide a clean, consistent supply of power. 

SCIEX QTRAP 6500 LC-MS/MS System On Battery Backup Power UPS

Unlike most UPS systems, the Battery Backup Power, Inc. models act as a multi-function power conditioner, isolation transformer, voltage regulator, surge suppressor, and uninterruptible power supply all in one. This allows the Battery Backup Power, Inc. UPS to solve all potential electrical issues possible while mitigating the risk of a non-warranty instrument failure. 

Battery Backup Power UPS For Sciex QTRAP 6500+ LC-MS/MS System

Pictured above (the UPS is in the left hand corner) is a Battery Backup Power, Inc. Plug And Play 10 kVA / 10,000 Watt Pure Sinewave Double Conversion (Online) Digital Tower Battery Backup UPS protecting this Sciex QTRAP 6500+ LC-MS/MS laboratory instrument and all of its associated parts from voltage irregularities cause by the utility company (Alameda Municipal Power). Installation of the UPS (plug and play model) takes less than 5 minutes as it only consists of plugging in the instrument and associated equipment (computer, monitor, etc.). 

For technical assistance choosing the correct Battery Backup Power UPS for your instrument, contact Battery Backup Power technical support at (855) 330-7799, by email at, or by chat (right hand corner of this web page). All Battery Backup Power UPS systems come with a Compatibility Guarantee when you use our free technical support services to select the correct model UPS. 

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