Power Conditioning UPS Protecting Agilent Infinity Lab LC/MSD iQ

An Agilent InfinityLab LC/MSD iQ system at a California University is shown in the photo below with a Battery Backup Power, Inc. plug and play 6KVA power conditioning UPS. The BBP UPS is providing minute by minute power data information back to the Agilent Field Service Engineers as well as protecting all of the instrument components from voltage fluctuations in the building. 

Power Conditioning UPS Protecting Agilent Infinity Lab LC/MSD iQ

Two potential issues were found through remote power monitoring. The first potential issue is that the air temperature was high at almost 90°F (most labs stay around 74°F). The second issue is that the facility voltage swings at least 8.4 volts throughout the day. For example, on 05/04/2022, the maximum facility voltage was 209.2 volts. The minimum facility voltage for that day was 200.8 volts. Typically facility power should stay fairly steady at 208 volts in commercial buildings and labs. 

Stanford Power Data Log 05/04/2022

The pump for the Agilent Infinity Lab LC/MSD iQ operates best at ~230 volts AC. The facility voltage at this lab was recorded 23% lower than 230 volts in a single day which could lead to instrument malfunction if not corrected or on a BBP UPS. 

Luckily, the BBP 6KVA plug and play UPS keeps the power fluctuation down to about ~1 volt so none of these fluctuations impact the attached instrument components. This is due to the built in isolation transformer (see inside look below). 

An Inside Look At The Plug And Play 6KVA And 10KVA

Due to a tight IT security policy at the University, Battery Backup Power, Inc. installed a cellular modem so the UPS could report back without using the local network. Battery Backup Power, Inc. offers optional cloud based power alerts and power monitoring packages with its systems for customers and field service engineers that want a comprehensive view of facility power and instrumentation. 

Cellular Modem Connected To BBP 6KVA UPS

Battery Backup Power, Inc. guarantees compatibility with its UPS systems for Agilent LCMS, GCMS, GC, ICP-MS, ICP-OES, or other instruments as long as the customer contacts BBP support before ordering so our team can pre-check that the correct UPS is ordered for the specific instrument. BBP support can be reached at (855) 330-7799 Option 3, by chat (lower right hand corner of this screen), or by email at engineering@batterybackuppower.com

Alternatively, please see below for links to our most popular universally compatible systems.

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**Supports LNI Swissgas & Peak Nitrogen Generators

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