Power Conditioning Battery Backup UPS Protecting Agilent GCMS

Power Conditioning Battery Backup UPS For Agilent GCMS

Battery Backup Power, Inc. manufacturers lab power protection UPS systems for all instrument makes and models. Pictured above is a Plug And Play 6 kVA / 6,000 Watt Power Conditioner, Voltage Regulator, & Battery Backup UPS With Built In Isolation Transformer (model: BBP-ADV-6000-PSW-ONL-L630P-115230PDU) providing voltage regulation, power conditioning, surge protection, and battery backup to an Agilent 7890B GCMS instrument and its peripheral devices. 

George Hand Assembling Battery Backup UPS

Each UPS is designed, programmed, and hand finished in Costa Mesa, California to meet the specific requirements of the lab instrument it is intended for. Battery Backup Power, Inc. also has a compatibility guarantee that comes with its lab UPS systems. 

For assistance selecting the correct lab power protection system for your lab instrument, contact Battery Backup Power, Inc. product support at engineering@batterybackuppower.com or by phone at (855) 330-7799

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