Power Conditioning Battery Backup Power UPS Protects Agilent ICP-OES From Utility Transformer Explosion

Battery Backup UPS For Agilent ICP-OES

A Battery Backup Power, Inc. power conditioning UPS (model: BBP-ADV-10000-PSW-ONL-L650P-115230PDU) protected and Agilent ICP-OES from a utility transformer explosion at a rural Texas lab in April 2020. The lab manager at the site explained the event as "a utility transformer across the road blew up".

Despite the transformer sending a large surge of power through the lines which damaged other unprotected equipment, the Agilent ICP-OES survived the event as the UPS it was attached to absorbed the surge and successfully protected the instrument. 

Battery Backup Power, Inc. manufacturers power conditioning battery backup UPS systems primarily for lab instruments. If you need assistance with selecting the correct power conditioning battery backup UPS for your instrument, contact Battery Backup Power, Inc. lab product support at engineering@batterybackuppower.com or by phone at (855) 330-7799. Please document the instrument make, model, and voltage/amperage rating from the electrical tag or site prep guide to expedite the selection process. 

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