Out Of Spec Facility Voltage Corrected By Power Conditioning UPS

Out of Spec Facility Voltage Corrected By Power Conditioning Battery Backup UPS

Battery Backup Power, Inc. power conditioning UPS (uninterruptible power supply) systems come with built in power monitoring as well as constant voltage regulation. This screenshot (see above) shows the incoming facility voltage at a laboratory running multiple instruments, one being an Agilent 5100 ICP-OES.

This particular instrument requires between 200-240 volts to operate (see below screenshot). The voltage coming out of the laboratory's wall receptacles is 248.3 volts which is outside of the instrument's operating specifications and could possibly void the warranty and service contract.

Power Conditioning Battery Backup UPS Protecting Agilent ICP-OES Instrument

Luckily, this lab purchased a Battery Backup Power, Inc. Plug And Play 10 kVA / 10,000 Watt Power Conditioner, Voltage Regulator, & Battery Backup UPS With Built In Isolation Transformer (click link to view product page). The all in one power conditioning battery backup UPS corrects the voltage to within the instrument's required specification constantly no matter what the facility's incoming voltage is.

When out of spec voltage is applied to lab instruments or any sensitive electronic devices, common side effects include board burn outs, blown capacitors, complete equipment failure, electrical fires, or unexplained equipment restarts/shutdowns. 

The best way to mitigate these issues is to ensure all instruments and sensitive electronics are on some sort of voltage regulation device at a minimum. 

Agilent 5100 ICP-OES Electrical Requirements

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