How This Lab Stays Operational During Bad Weather And Infrastructure Failures

Lab Backup Power, Frequency Conversation, Voltage Conversion, And Power Conditioning All In One Protecting PCR Computer Monitor In Barbados

Lab Backup Power, Frequency Conversion, Voltage Conversion, And Power Conditioning All In One System

In the photo above, a Battery Backup Power, Inc. Plug and Play 6 KVA (SKU:BBP-ADV-6000-PSW-ONL-L630P-120240PDU) is acting as a frequency converter, voltage regulator, power conditioner, and battery backup UPS (uninterruptible power supply) all at once.

It is providing electrical power to a Roche LightCycler Cobas Z 480 and its associated computer/monitor in Barbados after being exported from the United States. The power available in Barbados is 200 VAC 50 Hz. The power requirement for electronics used in the United States is either 120 VAC 60 Hz (computer/monitor) or 240 VAC 60 Hz (PCR).

Below is a diagram of the universal output PDU attached to the Battery Backup Power, Inc. 6KVA and 10KVA plug and play models. The universal output PDU has receptacles for every make/model of instrument sold in the United States including, but not limited to LCMS (6KVA), GCMS (6KVA), HPLC (3KVA or 6KVA), UPLC (3KVA or 6KVA), PCR (3KVA or 6KVA), ICP-MS (10KVA), and ICP-OES (10KVA). 

BBP UPS Output

The Battery Backup Power, Inc. Plug and Play 6 KVA (SKU:BBP-ADV-6000-PSW-ONL-L630P-120240PDU) is taking the 200 VAC 50 Hz and converting it in real time to both 120 VAC 60 Hz and 240 VAC 60 Hz output for the PCR instrument and its computer/monitor. It is regulating the voltage so that the output doesn't fluctuate from a steady and constant 120 and 240 volts to optimize the attached instrument's life and operation. It is also converting the frequency from 50 Hz which is standard in Barbados to 60 Hz which is standard in the United States.

6KVA UPS LCD Screen With 201 VAC 50 Hz Input

Besides acting as a voltage and frequency converter, the Battery Backup Power, Inc. Plug and Play 6 KVA (SKU:BBP-ADV-6000-PSW-ONL-L630P-120240PDU) will provide seamless backup power when the utility power fails allowing the instrument to continue operating as if nothing happened. This facility has a backup generator, so the UPS will provide temporary bridge power while the generator starts up in a utility power outage event. The attached instrument will continue operating as if nothing happened the entire time allowing this lab in Barbados to continuously conduct PCR tests uninterrupted.

Laboratory Power Protection Diagram


For assistance with finding the right power conditioning UPS for your lab instrument(s), please send a list of each of your lab's instruments make/model to Our engineering team will pull the instrument site preparation guide(s) to check compatibility and present the correct power conditioning UPS system(s) with the correct settings pre-programmed for your review/purchase. 

Our engineering, assembly, and quality control team in California will hand assemble, program, and test each system before it is shipped. 

BBP Staff Hand Assembling UPS Products

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