How To Use A Step Up/Down Transformer


Step up/down transformers allow you to step up 110/115/120 volts AC to 220/230/240 volts AC or step down 220/230/240 volts AC to 110/115/120 volts AC.

This is very helpful when you need to use a 220/230/240 device in the U.S. and you don’t have a 220/230/240 wall receptacle available or don’t have the ability to have a licensed electrician install one for you.

Since stepping transformers are made to be used internationally, most come with a Schuko plug which is not compatible with receptacles (outlets) available in the U.S.

To use a stepping transformer in the U.S. to step up the voltage from 110/115/120 volts AC to 220/230/240 volts AC, you must use an adapter that converts the Schuko plug into a standard U.S. NEMA 5-15P (plug). Secondly, depending on the model of stepping transformer used, you typically need to set the voltage switch to 110 volts. The default setting is typically 220 volts and must be changed before plugging the transformer in. DO NOT CHANGE THE VOLTAGE SWITCH WITH THE TRANSFORMER PLUGGED IN.

The adapter used in this video is available at the below links.

Universal Plug Adapter - NEMA 5-15P – 110/115/120 Volts - 10 Amps Max

The stepping transformer used in this video is available at the below link.

SEVENSTAR 2000W Maximum Capacity, Heavy-Duty Continuous Use Transformer (THG 2000 DOWN)

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