How To Protect The Vaccine Supply From Spoiling In Mass During 2021 Spring/Summer Power Outages


Facilitating public access to the COVID-19 vaccine supply is the most effective way to combat the on-going COVID-19 health crisis and expedite returning the United States to pre-COVID normalcy. The difficulties of maintaining the temperature needs of the COVID-19 vaccine presents a unique threat of spoliation and loss of the existing and future national vaccine supply.(1)California has experienced the ongoing and persistent threat of power outages(2) that will be catastrophic to the safety of the vaccine supply in the upcoming 2021 spring and summer months(3). To date, several thousands of vaccine vials have been left to unthaw from power outages(4), rolling blackouts(5), accidents(6), mechanical failure(7), and human error(8). In order to assist Federal, State and local governments with safe and reliable vaccine distribution, transportation and supply, Battery Backup Power, Inc. is providing a complete solution to the necessary backup power needs and a plan to implement it.

Most small and mid-sized vaccination sites do not have battery backup power for the ultra-low temperature freezers storing the vaccines, nor funding to implement backup power systems. Battery Backup Power’s objective is to provide federal, state, and local governments this crucial backup power and to assist with implementation, integration, and installation.


Spoiled COVID 19 Vaccine 


Battery Backup Power’s plug and play 6KVA system with two external battery packs is compatible with every regular, -20°, and -80° ultra-low temperature freezer on the market in the United States. It has both 115 volt and 230 volt receptacles so any freezer make/model can plug in and gain access to twelve to twenty-four hours of automatic backup power. This system is already in use throughout the country, specifically in Los Angeles county where at least thirty systems have been deployed in the last two weeks.


 COVID 19 Vaccine Boxes 


The 6KVA system plugs into a NEMA L6-30R outlet similar to what electric dryers use. This outlet can be installed by any licensed electrician typically within two hours using parts available at most hardware stores. Once the backup system arrives, anyone can simply plug the 6KVA system into the wall receptacle, plug the freezer into the correct receptacle, turn on the system and walk away. After being plugged in and turned on, the freezer has twelve to twenty-four hours of automatic backup power which can be expanded further by adding additional external battery packs. This will provide enough time for utility power to be restored or to use/distribute the vaccines in the impacted freezer.

Should the vaccination site not have access to an electrician, Battery Backup Power can provide its own licensed electricians available for deployment on request. Product support is available by phone, email, and web-chat through the Battery Backup Power website from full-time employees.  

 Vaccine Freezer Backup System Vaccine Freezer Output Receptacles Plug And Play


Due to the substantial power requirements for these specialized ultra-low temperature freezers, each freezer needs a single 6KVA backup system with two external battery packs to get twelve to twenty-four hours of automatically engaged backup power. This system contains 140 batteries encased in three separate rolling modules. The complete system cost is $20,699.99, including freight delivery to the site in a lift gate truck and indoor delivery with a pallet jack.


Vaccine Freezer Backup System


To enact this plan to protect the vaccine supply, Battery Backup Power requires direct advanced funding of $42M from state and/or federal agencies in order to produce and deliver 2,000 of these vaccine safe ultra-low temperature freezer backup systems over the next three to nine months. This number can be scaled up or down accordingly, but must be done quickly to ensure manufacturing capacity is secured in time. This funding is needed before February 15th, 2021 to get everything into production and start delivering systems before weather related outages start occurring.



This project retains and grows Green Energy manufacturing jobs in California. Battery Backup Power, Inc currently has a payroll that is evenly split 50% male / 50% female. Additionally, 66% of current employees at Battery Backup Power, Inc are classified as minorities (Native American & East Asian descent).


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