How To Determine The Number Of Solar Panels & Amount Of Battery Storage Your Business Needs

Solar Panels On Roof

Follow the instructions below to receive a breakdown of how many solar panels and/or the amount of battery storage your business needs to slash electric bills, provide backup power (optional), and maximize tax savings. 

1. Go to

2. Fill in the account information you use to login into your electrical utility account.


Energy Audit System Login Screen

Energy Audit Site (Use Same Email):

EIS Energy Audit Login Screen

3. The system will connect to your utility account and send your electrical usage data to EIS for an energy audit, solar panel, and battery storage evaluation/proposal.

Utility API

4. You will receive a confirmation once successful. 

Utility Transmission Successful


5. Battery Backup Power, Inc or its partner Energy Innovative Solutions, LLC will use your electrical usage data and satellite imagery to email you a breakdown of the optimal number of solar panels required, where they could be placed, and how much battery storage (if any) would be required to further increase savings. 


Solar Panel Satellite Imagery Layout

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