Custom Extreme External Battery Packs

Battery Backup Power, Inc. now has custom extreme external battery packs available for use with its 6kVA-20kVA double conversion UPS systems. The difference between the regular add-on external battery packs and the new custom extreme external battery packs is the built in charger.


Standard in-stock external battery packs typically come with 20x 12 volt 7.2 amp hour or 9 amp hour batteries and no built in charger. Only two can be added to the main UPS as they utilize the charger within the UPS.


The new custom extreme external battery packs carry up to 40x 12 volt 9 amp hour batteries each with up to 5x or more connected to a single UPS. This is due to the built-in charger which relieves the stress on the main UPS to bring the batteries back up to 100% after an outage.

The dimensions for the regular external battery packs and extreme external battery packs are the same: 10.3” x 23” x 25” inches (W x D x H). Weight will vary depending on the battery load out desired.

For more information, please email or call (855) 330-7799.


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