BBP Designs 72 Hour Construction Site Power System Utilizing Forklift Battery

Battery Backup Power, Inc. has designed a temporary construction job site power system utilizing owned or rented electric forklifts. This system taps into the electrical forklift's battery using a plug and play Anderson SB350 connector. It converts the massive forklift battery into usable 120 VAC power that will last until the forklift battery is dry (typically 72 hours between charging the forklift). 

This eliminates the need for a generator, the need for the job site to be manned during all hours, and dramatically reduces the cost of deploying temporary power to the construction job site. These systems can be scaled to the specific need of the job site. The initial system design works off of a 36 Volt DC forklift battery, but can be customized to any electrical forklift system. 

For more information, or for any backup or temporary power requirement, contact Battery Backup Power, Inc. at (855) 330-7799 or at



Forklift Temp Job Site Power System

Plug And Play SB350 Connector For Forklift Battery

120 VAC Receptacles Available To Provide Temp Job Site Power Using Forklift Battery

Front View Of Forklift Temp Job Site Power System In Battery Mode

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