Battery Backup UPS Provides 46 Minutes Of Backup Power To Nitrogen Generator

Battery Backup UPS System For Peak Scientific Genius 3010 Nitrogen Generator

The photo above shows a 4.2 kW Battery Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) And Power Conditioner With 1 External Battery Pack (Model # BBP-6000-PSW-ONL-WEBPWC) during installation which now provides voltage correction (208 volts to 240 volts for this project), voltage regulation, surge protection, and 46 minutes of uninterrupted backup power to a Peak Scientific GENIUS 3010 - NITROGEN GENERATOR at Texas A&M University. 

An uninterrupted backup power system is required in this application to ensure the connected LC-MS instrument isn't starved of its nitrogen supply during a power failure. 

Battery Backup Power, Inc. engineers assisted Texas A&M staff with finding the correct size and battery configuration for their specific application. Battery Backup Power, Inc. offers free consulting/light engineering services for backup power projects to its prospective customers. For assistance with your backup power project, please contact Battery Backup Power, Inc. by phone at (855) 330-7799, by email at, or by chat (bottom right hand corner of this page).  


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