Battery Backup UPS Easily Handles 16 Power Outages In 5 Days

16 separate power outages ranging from milliseconds to 7 minutes in duration were recorded between May 5th, 2017 to May 9th, 2017 in Costa Mesa, CA. The electric utility serving the surrounding area is SCE (Southern California Edison) which is normally fairly reliable. These outages may have been caused by a variety of factors including the recent thunder storms in the area, road construction on Red Hill Ave., grid distribution transformer capacity issues, etc.


Battery Backup UPS Protects Attached Equipment From 16 Power Outages In 5 Days - Split Screen


A 1.5 kVA / 1,050 watt Battery Backup UPS and power conditioner for sensitive electronics and laboratory instruments with its monitoring software captured, recorded, and protected against these power events. Due to the real-time active backup power, even the millisecond outages didn’t impact the protected equipment behind the UPS.


Battery Backup Double Conversion 1-5 kVA UPS


Setting up email notifications for power related events with Gmail is easy using any of Battery Backup Power’s UPS systems and its included UPSMON PRO for Windows 2.0 (see below screenshot for email notification settings). As long as your modem, router, and computer with the software installed are on backup power, the Battery Backup UPS will send you a notification when a power event occurs.  


Battery Backup UPS Gmail Email Notification Settings


UPSMON PRO 2.0 Download Link: UPSMON PRO 2.0

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