Battery Backup Power, Inc. UPS Protecting Hologic Diagnostic & Medical Imaging Machine

 Battery Backup Power 10KVA UPS Protecting Hologic Diagnostic & Medical Imaging Machine In Medical Trailer

UPS With Hologic Machine

Battery Backup Power UPS Wiring For 240 VAC Output In Medical Trailer

Wiring Done By Electrician


This Battery Backup Power, Inc. 10KVA single phase UPS takes in power from either shore power or generator power and outputs uninterrupted clean 240 volts AC to the pictured Hologic diagnostic and medical imaging machine. Both are housed in a mobile medical center (truck and trailer), so the transition between shore power and on board generator power is frequent. Medical exams can't be stopped to allow the transition to occur because the process would take approximately 30+ minutes to shut the scanner down safely, turn on the generator, wait for it to output the correct voltage, transfer to the secondary source, then boot up the scanner again. 

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