Battery Backup Power, Inc. Passes Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, And Medicare Inspections

Battery Backup Power, Inc. has partnered with Pure Electric, Inc. to provide assessment, installation, inspection support, and maintenance of backup power systems to allow medical facilities to quickly and easily pass various medical inspections/certifications that require Backup power.

Just in the last 30 days, three separate medical facilities have already passed separate Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Medicare inspections using Battery Backup Power, Inc. systems.

Unlike competitors, Battery Backup Power, Inc. designs its systems to pass actual unplug/power fail tests during inspection by following a six step process.

1. Determine what type of test the inspector will conduct. For example, the 180 watt light bulb test, the actual equipment test, a certification letter from the manufacturer, or some other test.

2. Determine the Backup time requirement of the desired certification. For example, 30 minutes, 90 minutes, 2 hours, or some other time.

3. Pure Electric, Inc. conducts an onsite load analysis with all the critical medical equipment on (there is a one time site visit fee for this service). 

4. Battery Backup Power, Inc. engineers build a load calculation sheet and run a battery quantity to required backup time calculation. Then quote the compatible solution.

5. Pure Electric, Inc. quotes the installation based on information gathered during the onsite load analysis.

6. Battery Backup Power, Inc. coordinates directly with Pure Electric, Inc. on delivery, installation, and startup. Battery Backup Power, Inc. will inform Pure Electric directly when the equipment arrives and is ready for installation. 

To schedule you load analysis, please contact:

Battery Backup Power, Inc.
Ross Modglin
3183-F Airway Ave.
Suite #114
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(909) 837-8025


Pure Electric
Terry Corenman
(818) 515-6247

Battery Backup Power Inc UPS For Medical Medicare InspectionBattery Backup Power, Inc UPS Installed And Test 
Running Two Operating Rooms On Backup Power Alone

Medical Grade Wall Outlet Receptacle On Backup PowerNew Orange Medical Grade Emergency Backup Power
Receptacle/Outlet Installed To Indicate Backup Power Is Available 

Medical Facility Running On Backup PowerOperating Room 001 With All Equipment On Running On Backup Power

OR Operating Room Running On Backup PowerOperating Room 002 With All Equipment On Running On Backup Power


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