Battery Backup Power, Inc. Mobile/Temporary Lab Power Solutions For Onsite Corona Virus (COVID-19) Testing

Battery Backup Power, Inc. provides all in one power protection systems that include seamless automatic backup power. Its systems actively clean up power inconsistencies in voltage, frequency, and sinewave shape. This is extremely important when using a generator as the primary power source as generator power is notorious for damaging electronics with inconsistent frequency variations. Battery Backup Power, Inc. UPS systems also come into play when power is completely lost, as backup power is already online and synchronized, so there is not even a momentary loss of power experienced by the protected devices similar to how a dual power supply system works for a computer server only on a much larger scale.

Battery Backup Power System Protecting Applied Biosystems 3730xl DNA Analyzer 

Due to the recent increase in the need for mobile or temporary labs close to potential outbreak sites, Battery Backup Power, Inc. systems are used with generators to provide utility grade or higher quality power to onsite lab instruments such as Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) systems that detect the presence of Corona Virus (COVID-19) in the blood sample by analyzing DNA. If power is lost or fluctuates during the analysis, the sample could be lost/damaged and/or the time consuming test would need to be restarted from the beginning potentially causing a dangerous delay in diagnosis. 

Battery Backup Power System Protecting Lab Instruments

In some instances where generator power and utility power are not readily available on short notice, Battery Backup Power, Inc. can deploy its 20KWH mobile power cart to provide long term power to lab instruments. The cart can be recharged by solar, generator, utility, or any other reasonable power source. The Battery Backup Power, Inc. engineering team is actively involved in utility operations, so they are able to create a solution for almost every project. 

Battery Backup Power Mobile Power Cart

For assistance with setting up electrical power and protection for a permanent lab, mobile lab, temporary lab, or other facility, please contact the Battery Backup Power, Inc. engineering team at (855) 330-7799 or Please have a list of the make and model of each of your instruments as well as a photo of the electrical tag from the back of each instrument. If you don't have the instrument(s) yet, please provide the make/model and a site prep guide. If you can't get a site prep guide and you do not have the instrument yet, our engineering team can work with just the instrument make and model, but may be delayed in quoting a solution as they will have to call the instrument manufacturer for the power specifications. 

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