Battery Backup Power, Inc. Engineers Successfully Remote Diagnose Faulty Breaker 3,000 Miles Away

Battery Backup Power, Inc. customer support engineers were able to successfully remote diagnose a faulty breaker at a customer location from 3,000 miles away by phone and text picture message. After the customer's electrician replaced the breaker in the breaker box, the wall receptacle, and wiring in the wall as directed by Battery Backup Power Inc. engineers, the customer was able to put the instrument and new UPS back into operation.  

Faulty Breaker In Electric Panel

The customer had an older UPS from a competitor that burned up while connected to a Roche Cobas 6000 analyzer. Customer support from the competitor UPS company was unable or unwilling to offer any guidance to the customer. 

After receiving no help from the competitor, the lab manager contacted Battery Backup Power, Inc. at (855) 330-7799. Battery Backup Power, Inc. engineers sized the correct replacement UPS and added the compatibility guarantee which ensures the customer does not pay for a UPS that doesn't work for their intended purpose. 

Once the Battery Backup Power, Inc. UPS was plugged into the customer's wall receptacle, the UPS gave an error 33 code. Battery Backup Power, Inc. customer service staff instructed the customer to run the Roche Cobas 6000 analyzer on the UPS while the UPS was unplugged from the wall receptacle. The instrument performed normally which isolated the issue to the customer's wall receptacle. 

Battery Backup UPS With Roche Cobas 6000 Analyzer

Battery Backup Power, Inc. then wrote up a diagnosis to forward to the customer's electrician of choice recommending that the wiring in the wall, the wall receptacle, and breaker be replaced. The issue was either voltage on the ground wire or a faulty breaker. Due to the unknown extent of the damage caused when the competitor's UPS failed, replacing all three components (wire, receptacle, breaker) was the best course of action. 

NEMA L6-30R (Receptacle)

After the breaker was replaced, the Battery Backup UPS (Plug And Play 6 kVA / 6,000 Watt Pure Sinewave Double Conversion (Online) Digital Tower Battery Backup UPS) and Roche Cobas 6000 analyzer worked perfectly. For assistance with power conditioning, voltage regulation, or backup power for your critical devices or lab instruments, contact Battery Backup Power, Inc. at (855) 330-7799,, or by chat (bottom right hand corner). 

Battery Backup UPS With Roche Cobas 6000 Analyzer

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