Battery Backup Power ESS (Energy Storage Systems) Provide Long Duration Backup And Peak Shaving

Battery Backup Power, Inc. has added ESS (energy storage systems) models to its product line up. Standard models can be viewed by visiting this link:

ESS systems can be used as stand alone systems and operate similar to a generator on an ATS (automatic transfer switch) where backup power turns on within 60 seconds of a power failure. When a reserve of backup power isn't required, ESS systems can be used for frequency regulation, voltage stabilization, day time storage of solar and renewable power sources, and utility rate reduction through peak shaving. 

Cargo Container ESS Wiring Example
Example Deployment Of Industrial Cargo Container ESS (Above)
 Battery Backup Power ESS (Energy Storage System)
64.5 KWH Indoor Commercial ESS Battery System (Above)

In applications where power loss of any duration can't be tolerated, an ESS system can be paired with a UPS (uninterruptible power supply). The UPS provides constant uninterrupted power to the critical instrument, equipment, or load while the ESS detects the power failure and begins the startup process. The UPS is then able to draw power from the ESS for long duration backup power. 

Battery Backup Power, Inc. is able to tackle projects as small as residential battery systems, but mainly focuses on much larger commercial, industrial, and utility scale projects. 

 Residential Home Battery Battery Backup Power Container ESS System
11 KWH Home ESS Battery System (Above) 258 KWH Industrial ESS Outdoor Battery System (Above)

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