Applied Biosystems/MDS Sciex 4800 MALDI TOF/TOF Analyzer On Seamless Backup Power

This 3 KVA / 2.1 KW Battery Backup Power UPS (bottom right corner of below photo) is currently providing clean, conditioned, seamless backup power to the attached Applied Biosystems 4800 MALDI TOF/TOF Analyzer and its associated roughing pump. This allows the instrument to continue operating as intended even when there are brief outages, voltage surges, voltage sags, or other power problems impacting the rest of the facility. The power synchronization technology paired with the optional "Generator Mode" feature available on the front LCD allow the Battery Backup Power UPS to be deployed in a variety of environments while maintaining clean power output to the attached equipment.

Applied Biosystems/MDS Sciex 4800 MALDI TOF/TOF Analyzer On Transition-less Backup Power

Power Synchronization Technology
Power synchronization technology also known as "online" or "double conversion" essentially keeps the inverter on and in a lower power state and synchronizes with utility power so it is able to support the full load instantaneously when power is lost or falls outside of acceptable voltage ranges. This results in a seamless transition to backup power unlike consumer grade systems which typically take 4 to 12 milliseconds to transition (may cause non-computer electronics to reboot or lose power during this transition period). 
Power Synchronization Technology
Generator Mode
The "Generator Mode" option from the front LCD allows this Battery Backup Power UPS to operate on either utility power or generator power while providing a seamless bridge of power between the sources. When enabled, "Generator Mode" essentially de-couples the input power source from the output of the Battery Backup Power UPS. This allows the input power source to have a widely varying frequency (common with generators) while maintaining clean power output to the attached instrument or equipment. Other "double conversion" or "online" brands of UPS systems without a feature like generator mode may revert to battery power, drain, then shut down within minutes when the input power source is a generator because the generator frequency is outside of acceptable ranges. 

Generator Mode

Sizing The Battery Backup Power UPS To The Instrument
In this instance, the site preparation guide for the instrument was consulted in the process of selecting the appropriate size of Battery Backup UPS. The information from the back of the instrument or from the site preparation guide that is required is the voltage and amperage or VA / Watts rating (see below example). 

 Device Volts Amps Watts (Volts X Amps)
4800 Instrument 120 4.60 552
Roughing Pump 120 8.80 1,056
Totals: 120 13.4 1,608


Based on a total maximum load of 1,608 watts, a 3 KVA / 2.1 KW (2,100 watts) Battery Backup UPS was selected as its output (2,100 watts) exceeds 1,608 watts (the load of the instrument and roughing pump). The next size down of Battery Backup UPS is the 2 KVA / 1.4 KW (1,400 watts), so it will not support the load of both the instrument and the roughing pump. 

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