A Double Conversion Isolated UPS Could Save You $350K

UPS And Generator On Automatic Transfer Switch Wiring Diagram
Businesses, data centers, laboratories, large homes, and schools have been improving the quality and reliability of their power lately by implementing components such as generators, automatic transfer switches, and power conditioning UPS systems (seen in above diagram). This is happening for a variety of reasons, but mainly due to the aging power grid providing less than consistent voltage and reduced reliability. A secondary concern is the increasing sensitivity of sophisticated electronic devices to voltage fluctuations. 

Battery Backup Power, Inc. typically receives 50% of its business after a facility without a power conditioning UPS experiences a catastrophic equipment failure due to poor or unreliable power from the grid. The other 50% is generated by those who understand insurance (in this case, physical insurance against power issues) can only protect you if you are covered at the time of the incident and pro-actively implement a power conditioning UPS.

For example, yet again, on 11/07/2016 (yesterday at the time of writing this article), Battery Backup Power, Inc. received a quote request from a state agency that lost approximately $350,000 of laboratory equipment due to operating lab instruments without a double conversion isolated UPS. The power company doesn't cover damages and the instrument manufacturers typically don't cover power related damage, so the agency had to re-purchase all of the instruments and the proper UPS. If they had purchased the UPS in the beginning, it would have been significantly less costly to tax payers. 

Unfortunately, the same story is heard again and again with increasing frequency whether it is a private business, school, government agency, data center, large home, or other type of facility with critical or expensive electronics. If you operate critical or expensive electronics, you should not rely solely on grid power to be either good quality or reliable. 

Double Conversion Isolated Power Conditioning UPS In Diagram

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