Why Network Administrators Choose Battery Backup Power


Network administrators choose Battery Backup Power, Inc. when network up-time is critical. Battery Backup Power uninterruptible power supplies automatically switch to emergency backup battery power 4 times faster than most APC UPS'. With pure sine wave output, automatic voltage regulation, and longer backup power times, Battery Backup Power, Inc. line interactive systems give the IT department one less thing to worry about.


Did your router fail? Did the firmware fail? Netgear routers (as well as other network hardware manufacturer's equipment) are known to be very sensitive to power/voltage fluctuations. Check the forums. Don't be so fast to blame your network gear when it is more likely a low voltage problem that damaged the device. 

A Line Interactive Battery Backup Power UPS Protecting Critical Network Equipment From Harmful Voltage Fluctuations And Providing Emergency Backup PowerA Battery Backup Power UPS Automatically Regulating Voltage
To Critical Network Equipment

Computer Network Supported By Battery Backup PowerA Computer Lab Supported By A Network On Battery Backup Power

A Computer Lab Network Protected By Battery Backup Power
When It Comes To Protecting IT Equipment, IT Administrators & Network Admins Choose Battery Backup Power


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