How To Enable Generator Mode On Battery Backup Power, Inc. Online (Double Conversion) Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Enabling Generator Mode Allows the Battery Backup Power, Inc. Online Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) To Accept A Wider Voltage Range and Wider Frequency Variation Than It Would Normally Accept When Plugged Into A Wall Socket On Grid Power. This Allows The UPS To Use More Of The Generator’s Somewhat Dirtier Power. When Turning On Generator Mode, The “Bypass Disable” Option Pops Up. This Option Allows You To Essentially Pass The Generator Power Though The UPS Unfiltered. In Most Cases, You Will Just Press Enter To Leave The Bypass Option Disabled.

When Pressing The Option Button, These Are The Options You Will See Before Arriving At “Generator”.

-Line Mode

-O/P Voltage Set (Output Voltage Set)

-I/P Frequency Set (Input Frequency Set)

-I/P Bypass Set (Input Bypass Set)

-Free Run Set

-HE Mode Set (High Efficiency Mode Set)

-Manual Bypass

-Outlet Setting

-Battery Test

-Silence Set

-Bat Cabinet Set (Battery Cabinet Set)

-Site Fault Set




                >Bypass Disable



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