Battery Backup Power, Inc. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Used To Protect U.S. Critical Infrastructure

The Battery Backup Power, Inc. 900W uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is used by rural utility companies in the Midwest to condition power going to and offer surge protection for various IT systems. DSL modems, POE switches, dual WAN routers, workstations, VOIP ATA devices, VOIP phones, wireless access points, and many other electronics are protected by a number of Battery Backup Power, Inc. units. The Midwest suffers from dirty and unreliable power which wreaks havoc on sensitive electronics essential to keeping the United States’ critical infrastructure going. Before installing the pure sinewave industrial grade Battery Backup Power UPS units, one rural utility was replacing computer power supplies and various IT equipment on average every 2-6 months. Cheaper brand uninterruptible power supplies were tried at first, but didn’t last long after constant voltage drops, outages, and other power issues. “These Battery Backup Power units take the hits and keep on going”, said the IT director for one rural natural gas utility.

The CEO of Battery Backup Power, Inc. stated, “There are no fancy displays that reduce battery runtime and they don’t ship in colorful boxes. Instead, we focus our time and money on installing high quality reliable electronics and batteries inside each unit. We want our customers to be wowed by the reliability of our units rather than making them out of plastic and forming them to look like gaming computers.”


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