20 KWH Mobile Rental Battery Backup Cart For Temporary Power February 14 2020, 0 Comments

Need temporary backup power? Battery Backup Power, Inc. rents its 20 KWH mobile battery backup cart for $4,000 per month including delivery, training, and pickup. The cart can typically power a 250 watt load for 80 hours, a 500 watt load for 40 hours, a 1,000 watt load for 20 hours, and up to 5,000 watts for 4 hours.

 Battery Backup Power Temporary Power Rental Cart Battery Backup Power Temporary Power Rental Cart Side View
Battery Backup Power Temporary Power Rental Cart Output PDU Battery Backup Power Temporary Power Rental Cart


The battery cart can be recharged by plugging it into a NEMA L6-30R (receptacle, 208-240 volts, 30 amps). 

  • INPUT (OPTIONAL): NEMA L6-30P (Plug)
    • 208, 220, 230, or 240 Volts Single Phase, 30 Amp Breaker
  • OUTPUT: 
    • 8x NEMA 5-15/20R (Receptacles, 115 Volts)
      *Fits Either NEMA 5-15P (Plug) Or NEMA 5-20P (Plug)
    • 1x NEMA L5-30R (Receptacle, Twist Lock, 115 Volts)
      *Fits NEMA L5-30P (Plug, Twist Lock)
    • 2x NEMA L6-15R (Receptacle, Twist Lock, 230 Volts)
      *Fits NEMA L6-15P (Plug, Twist Lock)
    • 1x NEMA L6-20R (Receptacle, Twist Lock, 230 Volts)
      *Fits NEMA L6-20P (Plug, Twist Lock)
    • 4x NEMA 6-15/20R (Receptacles, 230 Volts)
      *Fits Either NEMA 6-15P (Plug) Or NEMA 6-20P (Plug)
    • 1x NEMA L6-30R (Receptacle, Twist Lock, 230 Volts)
      *Fits NEMA L6-30P (Plug, Twist Lock)

For more information or to schedule a rental, please contact Battery Backup Power, Inc. below. 

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