10KVA Power Conditioning UPS Installed On Sub Panel Protects Texas Lab

Battery Backup Power 10KVA BBP Power Conditioning UPS In Texas Lab

This Battery Backup Power, Inc. 10KVA hardwired power conditioning UPS is fed by a 208 volt, 50 amp double pole breaker from the main electrical panel and has its output connected to a 120/240 volt split phase sub panel. The sub panel connected to the UPS output then feeds a computer, monitor, chiller, and ICP-MS in a Texas laboratory. The built in isolation transformer converts the voltage and cleans up the power going to the lab instruments whether there is utility power or not. During a power outage, the lab will continue to operate as the battery backup function will kick in automatically. 

Battery Backup Power 10KVA Back Side Connection Hardwire

This system has a max output of 10,000 watts (83 amps @ 120 volts or 41 amps @ 240 volts). It is recommended that 6 AWG THHN or THWN is used to connect the hardwire 10KVA UPS to the main panel and sub panel. The LCD will provide information such as load level, incoming voltage, temperature, and estimated remaining backup time based on battery charge level and load level.

Battery Backup Power 10KVA LCD Screen

The hardwire 10KVA wiring diagram is viewable below. Since it has a built in transformer, it is considered a "separately derived system", so ground and neutral should be bonded either at the terminal block or using the bonding screw in the sub panel that is connected to the UPS output. 

Battery Backup Power 6KVA 10KVA Terminal Block

For more information or assistance with BBP products, please email engineering@batterybackuppower.com or call (855) 330-7799. 

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