10KVA 3 Phase Power Conditioning UPS Protects Avionics Lab

Pictured below (bottom left of photo) is a Battery Backup Power, Inc. 10 kVA / 10 kW 3 phase power conditioner, voltage regulator, and battery backup UPS protecting a critical avionics test and repair lab bench. The end user was having issues with brief duration outages and voltage fluctuations that interfered with the test and repair equipment functionality. 

Battery Backup Power 3 Phase 120/208Y Power Conditioner UPS Protecting Lab Avionics Test Bench

After installation of the power conditioning UPS, the issues disappeared. The customer even conducted a full unplug test where the UPS input power was cut completely which resulted in absolutely no disruption to any of the attached electronics.  

For more information or for assistance solving power problems at your business or lab, please contact BBP product support at (855) 330-7799 or email engineering@batterybackuppower.com

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