60kW 100kWh 277/480Y VAC 3 Phase ESS With Integrated Off Grid Backup BBP-PT-60KW-100KWH-ESS-WI-BACKUP

60kW 100kWh 120/208Y VAC 3 Phase Battery Backup ESS (Energy Storage System) With Integrated Off Grid Backup Power

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The Battery Backup Power, Inc. 60kW 100kWh 120/208Y VAC 3 phase battery backup ESS (Energy Storage System) with integrated off grid backup power is an all in one combination of ESS and UPS (uninterrupted power supply/battery backup). The built in EMS (Energy Management System) allows the user to peak shave, peak shift, store and collect solar (from 4x solar DC connection terminals), optionally charge when needed with an external generator (using auxiliary GEN terminals) or other AC power source, sell back to grid (or keep at net-zero and not sell back any excess to the grid), and provide automatic backup power within 6 milliseconds. The separate input and output terminals with separate software controlled relays are what makes the BBP ESS system superior to other brands of ESS with bi-directional inverters with only a single terminal for input/output. The separate terminals allow for more control, more functions, and less cost when implementing storage + backup. 

User Guides:
-Battery Backup Power 60kW 100kWh 3 Phase ESS With Integrated Off Grid Backup Power User Guide

Spec Sheet/Cut Sheet:
-Battery Backup Power 60kW 100kWh 3 Phase ESS With Integrated Off Grid Backup Power Specification Sheet


General Specifications

AC Input (GRID Terminal): 277/480Y VAC 3 Phase, 3 Hots, 1 Neutral, 1 Ground
*Includes 120/208Y To 277/480Y External Input Transformer
AC Output (LOAD Terminal): 277/480Y VAC 3 Phase, 3 Hots, 1 Neutral, 1 Ground
*Includes 277/480Y To 120/208Y External Output Transformer
Battery Range:
696~864 VDC
Dimensions (W*H*D): 1500 X 2320 X 1107.5 mm / 60 X 91.5 X 44 inches
Weight: 2,600 Kg / 5,732 lbs (including batteries)
Working Temperature Range:  -20~60 ℃ / -4~140 F
Protection Class: IP54
Altitude: 3,000 meters / 9,843 feet
Humidity: 0~95%
Fire Extinguishing: Perfluoro
Air Conditioner: 2kW
Anti-Corrosion: C3 (Optional upgrade to C5)
Certification: CE/IEC62619/UN38.3/UN3536
Rating: NEMA 3R For Indoor/Outdoor Installation & Use

Battery Data

Battery Type: Li-ion (LFP)
Nominal Capacity (kWh): 113. 7
Battery Modules: 24
DC Voltage Range(V): 696~864
Max. Operation Current (A): 148
Efficiency: 95%

PCS DC/AC Data On-grid Mode

Rated AC Power (KW): 60 (expandable to 240)
Rated AC Output Voltage(V): 400
Rated AC Output Frequency (Hz): 50/60
Max. AC Current(A): 86
Overload Capacity: 110%@1min
AC PF: 0.8 (leading) ~ 0.8 (lagging)
THDi: ≤3%
Isolation Type: Non-isolation
Peak Efficiency: 98.5%
Unbalanced capacity: 100%

PCS DC/AC Data Off-grid Mode

Output voltage accuracy: ≤1%
Unbalanced capacity: 100%
Voltage harmonic distortion: <2% @line load
Overload capacity: 110%


Rated Power(kW): 60 (expandable to 240)
PV Input Voltage(Vdc): 200 – 850
Max. current(A): 100
Max. Efficiency(%): 98.5%

Operation Mode

On/off-grid Switch: Optional STS module, switching time<20ms
EMS: 10 Inch LCD Touch Panel with programmable self-consumption, micro-grid control, demand response, remote control, time of use, and backup settings
Communication: Modbus, TCP/IP

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