30kW 60kWh 120/208Y VAC 3 Phase Battery Backup Energy Storage System

30kW 60kWh 120/208Y VAC 3 Phase Battery Backup Energy Storage System UL924 For Lighting & Elevator

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AC Output: Nominal Voltage (Vac L-L): 120/208, 3ph
AC Input: Nominal Voltage (Vac L-L): 120/208, 3ph
DC Input/Output (Nominal): 358VDC

System Description:
• 30kW @ 120/208VAC Output (4W+G)
• Smart Inverter plus Lithium Batteries are built in one cabinet
• Power Resistor for regenerative energy Included
• Enclosure Rating: NEMA-1 (IP 20)
• Dimension: 40”x 24”x 80”; Weight: 1,500 lbs. (681 kg.)
Transformer: Included

SKU: CVP-E10-120/208VAC

Compliance: NEC Article 700, NFPA 101

Certifications: UL 924, UL 9540, UL 1741sa

  • Lithium-ion battery technology provides the highest level of safety and reliability
  • Longer operational life and less maintenance than lead acid and AGM batteries
  • Compact and fully integrated system reduces installation space and time; includes power conversion system, Li-battery modules in a single cabinet enclosure
  • 2-hour battery backup time (optional extended run time is available)
  • Standard 10-year performance warranty

The CVP-E10 and CVP-E11 models are lithium-based battery backup systems designed for load shedding, backup power, energy storage, renewable/solar/wind/generated power storage, and emergency elevator/escalator/lighting backup power (optional regenerative power system for compatibility with modern regenerative elevators).

The CVP Power Series provides 2 hours of backup minimum to either a 30kW or 60kW load (model specific) at 120/208VAC or 277/480VAC. The latest technology in lithium-ion battery systems is utilized for longer operation, life cycle, and eliminated carbon emissions while increasing building safety and value.

Certified to UL 924, UL 9540, and UL 1741sa, permitting is a breeze when required.



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