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Battery Backup Power, Inc. provides voltage regulating, power conditioning backup power systems for businesses, labs, IT rooms, data centers, and custom requirements. Battery Backup Power, Inc. was founded by a utility executive with IT experience who understood the deficiencies of electric utility companies that were built a century ago to power lights, not critical business devices. 

Backup power is only a small part of what is needed to protect today's sensitive electronic devices. Voltage regulation, frequency regulation, sinewave normalization, and real-time sinewave synchronized battery backup is required to keep today's electronics operating normally. Utility companies are allowed to let voltage fluctuate wildly and are rarely checked or penalized for providing dirty sinewave power that degrades the life and performance of electronics. 

Battery Backup Power, Inc. systems clean up dirty power in real-time and provide backup when power fails altogether. This all in one approach to solving utility related power problems is why Battery Backup Power, Inc. has secured customers such as NASA, the CDC, the USDA, the FDA, the USGS, and why the company receives so many rave reviews.   

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