Fake Contract And Forged Signature From "Techwall Electronics"

Battery Backup Power, Inc. has become aware of a scam where the Battery Backup Power, Inc. name, address, and contact information are being used by an international scammer. 

In one reported instance, the international scammer presented a fake contract supposedly between Techwall Electronics and Battery Backup Power, Inc. for filing and execution to multiple patent attorneys. A fake check/payment was sent to the attorney's office and a demand to reimburse a deliberate over payment was made by the scammer. A week later the fake check bounced. 

In another reported instance, the same fake contract was sent to a collections agency. The collections agency was told that the debtor paid the agency and a demand for money was issued. No payment was ever made as the contract, signature, and collections agency client account were all fake. 

The fake contract has a forged signature and is supposedly relating to intellectual property concerning a "Needle Cleaning Machine". Battery Backup Power, Inc. sells backup power systems which are in no way related to "Needle Cleaning Machines". 

If you see or suspect a contract you recieve is faked, please feel free to contact us directly to verify authenticity. 

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This corporate identity theft has already been reported to the Costa Mesa Police Department and the United States International Trade Commission. If you confirm that you have received a fake/forged contract or document supposedly from Battery Backup Power, Inc., please report it to your local law enforcement agency. 

Costa Mesa Police Department Identity Theft