Checks Issues By Battery Backup Power

Battery Backup Power, Inc. DOES NOT issue checks or payments to individuals on Craigslist, Ebay, or any other similar site. It has come to our attention that individual(s) using false names using our mailing address as the written return address have been sending fraudulent checks to people who list items for sale on some of these sites. We have opened a case with the Costa Mesa, CA police department to investigate this case and ask that you take any suspect looking check or package you receive with our return mailing address to your local police department as well. 

The Costa Mesa, CA police department has informed us that this is a common scam that takes place when the victim has listed something for sale on a site like Craigslist. The victim will then be sent some sort of fraudulent payment for more than the item they are selling is listed for. The fake buyer requests that a portion of the over payment be returned by the victim. The victim then deposits the fraudulent over payment from the fake buyer and only finds out when the payment comes back as fraudulent from the bank a few days or weeks later. The victim is then responsible for the entire amount. 

We are not sure how or where the fake buyer asks to be paid for the fake over payment. This information is critical in finding and stopping this scam. Please report this information to your local law enforcement if you have it. 

Current Known Fake Names Used:

-Diana Stacy
-Diana Stacey
-Dana Stacy
-Dana Stacey
-Diann Stacy
-Diann Stacey


Costa Mesa Police Department