Battery Backup UPS Live Status

Battery backup UPS (uninterruptible power supply) live status feed. Below is a link to a real BBP-1000-PSW-ONL-LCD running on UPSMon Pro 2.0 in web server mode. It has the integrated SNMP option "USB & Serial Port Plus SNMP Card For IP Networks". 

Battery Backup UPS With SNMP Network Card


Live Feed Link:

Username: BACKUP
Password: BACKUP


Screenshot Of Live Status Feed And Photo Of UPS Providing Feed Data

Battery Backup UPS Live Status FeedBBP-1000-PSW-ONL-LCD


Notice that the input voltage fluctuates during the day from about 117 volts to 124 volts depending on what other equipment is being used at the time on the same circuit. This UPS regulates the output voltage to a constant 120 volts to ensure the attached electronics operate at peak performance.