Battery Backup Power, Inc.

Battery Backup Power UPS Systems Provide Automatic Emergency Backup Power, Voltage Regulation, And 5 Tier Power Conditioning To NASA, Professional Racing Series, Server Farms, Data Centers, School Districts, 3D Printer Additive Manufacturing Facilities, Medical Offices, Small Businesses, Laboratories, And Universities.

Most of our base systems can be customized by our factory to meet specific voltage, frequency, receptacle type, and power cord requirements. Our base systems come with maintenance free, valve regulated, sealed lead acid batteries, but we also offer optional long life lithium iron phosphate batteries upon request. 

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Let our engineers do all the work to ensure you find a system that will work with your equipment and meet your backup time requirements. Chat is available in the bottom right corner of this page, you may also Email, or give us a Call at (855) 330-7799.

Our systems offer superior all around power protection based around the three following main functions. 

1. Advanced UPS (uninterruptible power supply) - Once plugged in and turned on, this system synchronizes internal battery power with utility power which allows a seamless transfer to backup power alone if utility power is lost. This differs from consumer UPS systems which may take up to 12 milliseconds to recognize an outage and engage backup power. 

2. Power Line Conditioner/Voltage Regulator - There are 3 user programmable modes (Normal, ECO, and CVCF). Normal mode keeps the output voltage and frequency within a tight range (range depends on model). ECO mode monitors the input voltage and frequency and corrects output when it gets close to unacceptable levels for most electronics. ECO mode offers superior efficiency to Normal and CVCF mode. CVCF mode is Constant Voltage Constant Frequency output. CVCF mode keeps the output steady at the selected voltage and frequency (for example, 120 Volts 60 Hertz) no matter what the input voltage or frequency is. CVCF mode also allows the unit to act as a power line conditioner for diesel and natural gas generators. 

3. Surge Protector - In the event of a significant surge, the circuit breaker will trip cutting off the device from the dangerous power surge. The circuit breaker will need to be manually pressed and the unit restarted after a significant surge to restore normal operation. This system protects the attached equipment from dangerous voltage spikes and surges. 


Below is a selection of our most popular products from our Advanced Digital product line. These units are used in medical facilities, laboratories, server rooms, and for commercial and industrial applications where having clean, regulated, uninterrupted power is a requirement.