Digital Tower Battery Backup UPS And Power Conditioner For Agilent 7900 ICP-MS

$ 8,199.97

This system is designed to provide voltage regulation, surge suppression, and automatic emergency backup power specifically for the Agilent 7900 ICP-MS. 

Complete 5 Tier Power Protection System – Surge Protection, Real Time Power Conditioning With Voltage Regulation, Heavy Duty Isolation Transformer, Pure Sine Wave Output, & Always On Double Conversion Backup Power Technology.

Custom Software Loaded For Specific Instrument Operation - The UPS is loaded with software settings that limit the voltage fluctuations to within the range specified within the instrument site preparation guide. 

Custom Hardware Configuration For Specific Instrument Operation - The UPS internal bypass wire is removed which prevents voltages outside the acceptable operating range specified in the site preparation guide of the instrument to be passed through to the instrument. 

Multiple Backup Time Options:

Model Number: Description (Under Battery Options Drop Down): Approximate Backup Time At Full Load:
BBP-AR-10000-PSW-ONL UPS With Internal Batteries Only 11 Minutes
BBP-AR-10000-PSW-ONL-WEBPWC UPS Plus 1 Extra External Battery Pack 46 Minutes
BBP-AR-10000-PSW-ONL-W2EBPWC UPS Plus 2 Extra External Battery Packs 1 Hour 21 Minutes
BBP-AR-10000-PSW-ONL-W3EBPWC UPS Plus 3 Extra External Battery Packs 1 Hour 56 Minutes
BBP-AR-10000-PSW-ONL-W4EBPWC UPS Plus 4 Extra External Battery Packs 2 Hours 31 Minutes
BBP-AR-10000-PSW-ONL-W5EBPWC UPS Plus 5 Extra External Battery Packs 3 Hours 6 Minutes
  • 10000 VA (10 kVA) / 9,000 Watt (9 kW)
  • N+1 And Parallel Operation Up To 40 kVA (4 Units In Series)
  • Energy Efficient/High Efficiency UPS Mode
  • LCD Status Measurements Include Voltage, Frequency, Load Level, Battery Level, Output Current, and Estimated Remaining Backup Time
  • Tower With Casters
  • Pure Sine Wave Clean Output To Operate And Maximize The Life Of Even The Most Sensitive Electronics
  • Online (Double Conversion) - Highest Level Of Protection Available - Battery Power Always Engaged, No Switching Delay (Phase Locked To Input Power Source)
  • Wide Frequency Input Range (44-66 Hz Auto Sensing) Allows For Generator Power To Be Used As A Primary Or Secondary Input Power Source (Using Automatic Transfer Switch Before UPS)
  • Constant Voltage Regulation (±1%)
  • Constant Frequency Regulation (±1 or ±3% Selectable)
  • Factory Warranty: 3 Years On Electronics And 1 Year Warranty On Batteries
  • Optional Extended Warranty: 5 Years On Electronics And 1 Year Warranty On Batteries
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Allows For Greater Reliability Over Older UPS Designs And Superior Electric Noise Filtration
  • >0.99 Input Power Factor / 0.9 Output Power Factor (Line Mode) / High Efficiency Mode For Superior Efficiency And Power Savings
  • INPUT: NEMA 6-50P (Plug), 208-240 Volts Single Phase, 50 Amps Minimum
  • OUTPUT: PDU Whip, 120 Volts + 208 Volts Single Phase | Dual Voltage Output | Use NEMA L6-30R For Instrument
    • 8x NEMA 5-15/20R (Receptacles)
      *Fits Either NEMA 5-15P (Plug) Or NEMA 5-20P (Plug)
    • 1x NEMA L5-30R (Receptacle, Twist Lock)
      *Fits NEMA L5-30P (Plug, Twist Lock)
    • 1x NEMA L6-15R (Receptacle, Twist Lock)
      *Fits NEMA L6-15P (Plug, Twist Lock)
    • 1x NEMA L6-20R (Receptacle, Twist Lock)
      *Fits NEMA L6-20P (Plug, Twist Lock)
    • 4x NEMA 6-15/20R (Receptacles)
      *Fits Either NEMA 6-15P (Plug) Or NEMA 6-20P (Plug)
    • 1x NEMA L6-30R (Receptacle, Twist Lock)
      *Fits NEMA L6-30P (Plug, Twist Lock)
  • Weight: 327.8 lbs.
  • Dimensions (Inches): 11.4 X 34.7 X 25.4 (W x H x D)
  • Operating Temperature: 32°-104° F
  • Operating Humidity: 20%~95%, Non-Condensing
  • Operating Elevation: 3,280 Feet Without De-Rating 
  • Cold Start Capable (Shipped With Cold Start Disabled, Will Enable Automatically After Receiving Power For The First Time After Shipping)
  • cTUVus, cULus, and FCC Certified
  • Includes Software For Windows Monitoring & Configuration 
  • Free Shipping/Freight Within The United States Or To U.S. Based Freight Forwarder Specified Location (List U.S. Based Location Specified By Forwarder In Shipping Address For International Orders)

User Guides:
-Battery Backup Power 6KVA-10KVA Tower UPS User Guide
-Battery Backup Power 6KVA-10KVA External Battery Pack Tower UPS User Guide
-Battery Backup Power 6KVA-10KVA Tower UPS Parallel System Installation Guide
-Battery Backup Power 6KVA-10KVA Tower UPS Transformer User Guide

Spec Sheet/Cut Sheet:
-BBP 4.5-20KVA Tower DSP Series Specification Sheet.pdf

Replacement Batteries:
-Leoch DJW12-7.0 (Lead Acid), Yuasa 7.5-12 (Lead Acid), Yuasa REW45-12 (Lead Acid), Or Battery Backup Power BBP-LIFEPO4-HDR-12V-7.2AH (Lithium Iron Phosphate)